Run! 50k Training Program
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Run! 50k Training Program

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What a cool place to be right now; training for an ultra marathon. So rad.

Running ultras is rare air; the majority of people will never aspire to do what you are about to embark on.

Chances are if you’ve shared your new goal with others, they’ve probably said things like, “o things that force you to learn and grow.

This is one of the greatest parts of ultra running…there are so many parallels to running distance and everyday life.

Discipline, commitment, resolve, character, and even tolerance.

Personally, the 50k is my favorite distance.

It’s the perfect blend of speed and endurance that will likely take the majority of the day and leave you feeling accomplished and still at home in time for dinner.

It’s far enough to get you into the uncomfortable realm but maybe not as far as the pain cave.

It’s long enough to allow some of those deeper layers in your mind to get peeled back but not as long as those overnight runs.

And if you’re brave enough to meet the uncomfortable and welcome what lies under the layers, you’ll ultimately find happiness as crazy as that may sound.

What I’ve learned in running ultras since I began is that on the other side of discomfort and struggle is happiness. 

We run this far because we want to feel something. 

Something greater than just the norm; the average.

And I think that may be part of why you’re here too.

Whatever your reason is for being here right now, remember that you’re on the right path.